International Academic Journal of Psychology and Educational Studies

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The Comparison of Educational Performance Social Compatibility and Self-Presentation of the Students with Father and Father less Students in the Primary Schools in Kermanshah City on academic year 2012-2013

Tala Naderyan and Hamzeh Ahmadian

Abstract: Present research have been laid a foundation to determine the target of students who have Father and lack of Father of Kermanshah's elementary schools that be accomplishment in 91-92 year. The sample number be researched was 150 person (whit father 75 person/ lack of father 75) that be elected by classified several process accidently sampling way. In order to data collecting that be used from two questionnaire: California social-individual compatibility questionnaire (CTP), self-divulging questionnaire Ra Dang Yoli, Emest T, Halberg, Alen G, Selman and Richard F Has (1985) researching way was kind of cause-compare (cause research or after done) in order to sample analysis had be used independent from way's descriptive statistics , plenty calculation , average and criterion deviation and ways of in Illative statistics , T test conclusion of operation data analysis shows that average differences of groups educational research as a tinselly have meaning in it (sig=0.011, t=2.29) also as a statically groups compatibility of average differences have meaning (sig=0.012, t=2.551) . Scales groups Self-Presentation average differences for proposes of statically have meaning (sig= 0.023, t=2.29)

Keywords: Academic Performance, Social adjustment, Self-Presentation

Page: 22-34

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014