International Academic Journal of Business Management

  • ISSN 2454-2768

Identifying the Impact of Entrepreneurship Education on the Attitude of Students toward Business (Case Study: Kermanshah’s Kar-Danesh Schools)

Saba Amiri , Saman Fathi, Nader Naderi and Sohrab Delangizan

Abstract: Nowadays entrepreneurship is considered as interdisciplinary pedagogical knowledge. Its valuable outcomes appear when it is learned in early ages. The aim of the present study is to determine the effect of entrepreneurship education and its components on students’ attitude toward business in Kermanshah’s Kar-Danesh schools. Therefore, this study is based on a main hypothesis as well as nine lateral hypotheses. The study uses a descriptive-correlation method, along with two researcher-made questionnaires. The validity and reliability of the questionnaires are approved by panel of experts and Chronbach’s Alpha respectively. The participants are 260 male and female students from conservatories mentioned above. The statistics are analyzed using linear regression, mean comparison, multivariate general linear model and structural equation modeling. The results shows that all analyzed entrepreneurship education’s components have significant effects on students’ attitude toward business. “The upbringing pattern of students in family” and “educational content”, with regression indexes 0.412 and 0.206, have the most and the least effects on the dependent variable respectively. It is also shown that there is no significant difference between attitudes for male and female students.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship Education, Students, Kar-Danesh, Skill, Attitude toward Business.

Page: 1-15

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014