International Academic Journal of Business Management

  • ISSN 2454-2768

The study and ranking a variety of organizational cultures in public sector based on the Quinn model

Sayyid Ali Banihashemia, Tayebeh Kahenib and Malihe Nozadi

Abstract: Organizational culture is one of the important elements of change management in organizations that should be coordinated with other constituents of organization. Organizational culture is a phenomenon that occurs in organization and all members believe that an invisible hand guides people toward a kind of invisible behavior. Understanding the constituents of elements of organizational culture helps us to better justify the behavior of people in organization. The main purpose of this study is to identify organizational culture in public sector by using The Quinn model. The method of this study is applied in terms of purpose and is survey in terms of method. The required data of this study were collected by library and questionnaire methods. The statistical population of this study includes all staffs of General Administration of Sport and Youth in South Khorasan province. The number of 39 subjects was selected by sample random sampling and the data were analyzed by SPSS software. According to the study results, the type of organizational culture according to The Quinn model was diagnosed as Adhocracy culture.

Keywords: Clan Culture, Adhocracy Culture, Market Culture, Hierarchical Culture, Quinn Model

Page: 16-22

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014