International Academic Journal of Humanities

  • ISSN 2454-2245

Properly trained with Looking specifically at Islamic economic system dominated and Article 44 of the constitution

Behnam Abbasi Aval and Somayeh Vosoughi

Abstract: Each aimed at a specific target educational systems that the economic system and economic relations linked and coordinated set of behaviors in three areas of production, distribution and consumption, each of which serves a specific purpose. Any system that consists of behaviors and human relationships, human attitudes is also based on the universe. Different worldviews lead to behavioral differences in the goals, values, behaviors and economic relations. Islam is based on instinct, common sense and social life is built. Islam and fine details of ownership and new ownership and has established and in accordance with human nature has established. Ownership in Islam responsive to all economic and social needs of people in all transactions and contracts and property right and trade relations and economic system of Islam, an eclectic system is not powerful military, has strong foundations, firm and strong and wise and is designed on the basis of justice and social balance

Keywords: Islam, properly trained, constitution, property, economic system

Page: 26-31

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014