International Academic Journal of Accounting and Financial Management

  • ISSN 2454-2350

Volume 3, Issue 1

The study of the possibility of using activity-based costing system (ABC) (Case Study: General Directorate of Roads and Urban Development of East Azerbaijan Province)

Ali Ahadi and Siroos Fakhimi Azar

Page: 1-8

Investigating the Effects of Surplus Free Cash Flow on Earnings Management in Corporations of Accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange

Ardeshir Bostan and Rahmatollah MohammadiPour

Page: 9-20

The relationship between the use of futures and empowerment strategies and the productivity of human resources in education, Case Study: Tehran Province Education Office of School Teachers' Perspectives

Jalil Abbaspoor,Simin Naghsh and Zahra Karimi

Page: 21-29

Analysis of Value Relevance of Accounting Information During IFRS Period of 2008 –2014 at The Stock Exchange of Indonesia

Rida Prihatni,Bambang Subroto,Erwin Saraswati and Bambang Purnomosidi

Page: 30-39

Study and Analysis of Establishing Performance Budgeting System in Promoting Annual Program of Universities

Mahdi Saghafi and Azam Pouryousofb

Page: 40-50