Sustainability Accounting Standards Historical Development / Literature Review

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Shahd Ali Sahib, Dr. Yasir Sahib Malik


Sustainability represents a good framework to motivate efforts aimed at reaching higher levels of human life through various aspects of economic, social and environmental sustainability, governance, and following the best means through the use of natural resources and not depleting them in a way that harms future generations. Sustainability is one of the considerations that must be taken into account when carrying out economic activities. The desired goal of the concepts of sustainability is to provide a balance in all interests and economic, social and environmental fields, due to the excessive and misuse of these non-renewable resources harming the old generations, and awareness of these risks does not absolve him from his responsibilities, but must work seriously to find solutions and correct the path towards the best in achieving an environment A sustainable economy and its continuous development to contribute to preserving our planet and achieving social well-being.

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