The Role of using Green Manufacturing as One of the Requirements for Sustainable Development in Reducing Costs

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Dr. Mohammed Frayyeh Hassan


Green manufacturing is one of the concepts that received wide attention by industrial facilities that try to adopt sustainability concepts in order to cancel waste in the available natural resources or legalize their use for the purpose of reducing the costs of products and achieving value for customers and meeting their desires, especially after the societal awareness of the negative effects left by industrial methods Traditional such as global warming and increased land temperature, so we see the transformation of many industrial facilities to the use of environmentally friendly industrial methods, including green manufacturing that takes into account environmental determinants, and thus achieving a competitive advantage, which reflects positively on improving the reputation of the facility, opening new markets and increasing profits in the long run and lowering Costs.
The researcher conducted a field study on a sample of Iraqi industrial establishments, using a survey form. Where the results of the field study indicated that green manufacturing, which is one of the requirements of sustainable development, has an effective role in the process of reducing costs for industrial facilities.

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