The Possibility of Adopting Program and Performance Budget to Evaluate the Performance of Banks

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Batool Younus Sabeeh Al-Tameemi


This study examines program and performance budget and its role in evaluating bank performance. Program and performance budget represents a system for preparing a budget for all expenses allocated each year. The budgeting process begins for each job within the bank and is analyzed according to its needs and costs. Subsequently, a budget is prepared based on the requirements of the upcoming period, regardless of any increase or decrease compared to the previous one.
Program and performance budget contributes to cost reduction by avoiding the fluctuations that occur in the budget of the previous period. However, it requires more time than traditional budgeting, which does not hinder its implementation. The study applied program and performance budget to a private bank listed in the Iraq Stock Exchange. The aim was to develop the bank’s budget by using program and performance budget as a tool for planning, control, and performance evaluation. The necessary applications were carried out to implement it, including identifying key programs and related activities, allocating expenses based on the categorization of those activities and programs, and excluding expenses unrelated to performance, which reflects efficiency in performance. The following were the main conclusions:
1. The possibility of implementing program and performance budget in banks to achieve effective accountability and control.
2. Defining actual achievement standards, measuring efficiency, and making decisions for future years.
The study arrived at a set of recommendations, including:
1. The necessity of preparing financial and accounting data with minimal time, effort, and cost, and providing competent human, administrative, and accounting resources to implement program and performance budget without problems and difficulties.
2. Encouraging management to make strategic decisions based on the data of program and performance budget, as it helps in continuous evaluation and review of those decisions in order to face financial and economic crises and address unstable conditions.

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