The Role of Computerized Accounting Advanced Information Systems in The Efficiency and Effectiveness of Internal Audit

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Oday Jasim Almaliki


This study aims to investigate the role played by information systems in enhancing the external audit procedures of financial institutions. Presumably, these systems can help improve the quality of audit reports by allowing financial professionals to access and analyze financial information. An online survey using a questionnaire prepared by the researcher was used to collect data for the study. The data was analyzed using statistical analytics software. SPSS24 The results of the study revealed that the availability of appropriate audit information systems (AIS) led to a significant improvement in certain aspects of the quality of the external auditor. According to external auditors, the important function of these systems in improving the quality of procedures is recognized by them. The results show how an automated identification system can help improve the external audit performance of Iraqi SMEs. It also shows that the various applications and elements of an automated identification system can significantly enhance the quality of the procedures used by these companies. These include planning and executing audits, risk assessments, and the use of computer software components. The importance of this study is due to the increasing number of changes in the way internal audit procedures are conducted, such as the use of computerized software. There has been a lack of studies on the role of accounting information systems (AIS) in this process.

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