Measuring the Impact of Structural Imbalances on Managing Government Spending in Iraq During the Period (2005-2020)

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Bilal. Noori. Khairullah, Atheer Abdul Jabbar. M. Aldoodan, Dr. Zahid. K. Badan


The problem of structural imbalances in the Iraqi economy is one of the most important problems facing the oil-producing countries, and this problem moved from the oil sector to other sectors because of the duplication of the economy. The researchers point out that structural imbalances are integrated with government spending during the long term, and can be exploited to rationalize government spending and diversify sources of income in the Iraqi economy. Fiscal policy, especially government spending, is affected by structural imbalances in the structure of the Iraqi economy. Private and support products in which Iraq can achieve an absolute advantage and a comparative advantage to reduce the degree of structural imbalance.

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