The Role of Green Marketing Dimensions in Achieving Sustainable Development - An Applied Study in the Etihad Company for Food Industries Ltd. in Iraq

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Sahar Abdul Hussein Majeed, Anfal Sameer Kadhim, Noor Riad Khawam


The current research aims to demonstrate the role of green marketing dimensions represented by (green distribution, green promotion, and green products) in achieving sustainable development with its dimensions represented by (environmental, social, economic, and technical dimensions). The Etihad Company for Food Industries Limited adopts green marketing and its role in achieving sustainable development for the importance of preserving the economic and technical environment and natural resources., The research community was represented by the employees of the company amounting to (2000) employees, and an intentional sample of (100) was taken, represented by (senior management and middle management) in the Etihad Food Industries Company. The results were analyzed by adopting the statistical program (SSPS V.25). The company adopts green marketing in its production processes, but not at the required level, due to the obsolescence of the production processes, machines, and equipment that are used in the work.

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