A Study on Tourist Perception towards Social Media as a Reliable Source of Information

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Branden Jude Joseph, H. Fahad Zakir, B. Hari Prasath, Dr.D. Divya Prabha


As the tourism industry seeks to acquire the business of the Baby Boomer generation, the travel habits of this age have been the subject of much research and analysis. However, a new generation is quickly gaining ground on this one and will soon command the same level of attention: the Millennial. The above analysis, per its authors, is designed to investigate millennia's potential risk when using digital platforms to pick their tourist hotspot, as well as the connection between risk profile and perspective effectiveness in terms of willingness to use and recommend social media based on their outlook toward digital networking. For this aim, a sample of 90 respondents who utilise social media to identify vacation locations will be gathered from the respondents who do so. The data will be analysed using a variety of techniques, including percentage analysis, one-way ANOVA, descriptive statistics, and multiple regression. Millennial' attitudes toward social media should be taken into consideration when making decisions about their behaviour. Before drawing conclusions concerning millennia's opinions about online platforms, it is important to consider the following factors: normative beliefs, behavioural intention, desire to use social media, intention to advocate social media, perceived risk, and perceived rewards.

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