The Impact of Personal Selling on Consumer Buying

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S. Samyuktha, T. Sreethulasi, Andrea Evangelin, Dr.D. Divya Prabha, Dr.V.B. Mathipurani


Every firm requires sales staff to help them advertise their products and services to customers through its sales representatives. In today's industry, sales promotion and distribution are critical components of success. As a result, it is critical to understand how far these marketing strategies are succeeding in raising brand awareness in the minds of customers and impacting them to purchase products and services. It is also necessary to improve the quality, creativity, and use of technology in the distribution and sales promotion processes. Main goal of the study is to examine the advertising and promotional strategies used by FMCG firms to advertise their products and services, as well as to determine which sales promotion techniques are the most effective for specific items offered by the companies under consideration. For this purpose, a sample of 150 respondents was gathered, and the data was analysed using percentage analysis, mean rank, and chi square as statistical tools. The findings revealed that while the companies have a reach towards the advertisements they produce, more effective measures must be implemented by the companies in order to make the advertisements more effective in the future.

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