Management Students Perception towards Entrepreneurship as a Career

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Afraz Faizal, Sethuraman Rathina Sai Saranyan, K. Srinandh, S. Sairagav, Dr.D. Divya Prabha


Student entrepreneurship is defined as the practice of seeking out novel solutions to societal problems while still in school. Individual student entrepreneurs take on the aim of creating and maintaining societal value, to be more precise. These individuals draw on appropriate thinking from both the business and nonprofit worlds, and they work in a wide range of organisations, including large and small organisations; new and old organisations; religious and secular organisations; nonprofit organisations, for-profit organisations, and hybrid organisations. The challenge is to determine why it is essential, what the scope of the problem is, what the contributing variables are, and what the underlying reasons are. The main objectives of this study is to analyse the characteristics of student entrepreneurs in the city of Coimbatore in order to fully understand the effects of student entrepreneurs on society and to unravel patterns in the behaviour of effective student entrepreneurs. This research will be conducted in the city of Coimbatore, India. Primary data will be collected from the respondents for this reason, and a sample size of 125 students who are currently employed as student entrepreneurs in Coimbatore would be utilized for the study. For the purpose of assessing the data, percentage analysis, chi-square analysis, and factor analysis will be employed as statistical tools. Following the analysis, conclusions about the research will be drawn in accordance with the findings of the study.

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