How Enhance the Role of Managers Use Transformational Leadership Practices

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Amal Ghalib Rashid


The major objective of this current paper is transformational leadership in the context of other leadership styles and its importance in corporate practice. The theoretical part defines the concept of leadership and its relationship of management, describes the key theories of leadership that have gradually emerged in history, and later focuses on transformational leadership as the most effective of these styles. Based on the results of the research on selected banks in Iraq, we recommend to its managers specific training of transformation leadership, which can lead to an increase in the performance of subordinates. The manager should be interested in how things are seen by the subordinate, even if he does not always decide. Employees should be directly encouraged to comment on the issues. This will make them feel needed and increase their satisfaction. Increase the theoretical knowledge of managers in the field of transformation leadership and its relation to the performance of subordinates. Managers should understand the concept of transformational leadership and its importance.

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