The Effect of Spirituality on Work on Organizational Citizenship Behavior with Organizational Commitment Moderating Role (Case Study: Employees of Sanandaj University)

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Ghassem Ansari Ranani and farshidalizadeh


The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between organizational spirituality and organizational citizenship behavior through the effect of organizational commitment and its three dimensions, including emotional, continuous and normative commitment among staff at Sanandaj University. In this study, organizational spirituality as an independent variable and organizational citizenship behavior as an associated variable and organizational commitment and its three dimensions including emotional commitment, continuous commitment, and normative commitment as intermediary variable are known. Reliability of the questionnaire using Cronbach's alpha coefficient was confirmed by using the opinions of the experts familiar with the subject of the study and the validity of the construct was confirmed using the structural equation. The population of this study included all staff at Sanandaj University. After extracting the data from the group response and estimated variance, the sample size was calculated using Cochran's formula, 100 of them were randomly selected as samples. SPSS and PLS software were used to determine the correlation and data analysis

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