Psychology and Mental Health Promotion of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

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Anayel Manteghi Moghaddam,Abolghasem Aasi and Mohamamd Hussein Fallah


Considering psychological aspects in prevention and treatment of diabetes, especially Type 2 diabetes, has gained attention of diabetes specialists and psychiatrists over the decades. Updated technology of treatment of diabetes could not solve the diabetes problem by itself. Education and psycho-social healthcare, empowerment of self-care patients and clearing the psychological barriers seem essential to achieve desired medical and psycho-social outcomes. In this study, some solutions are provided for empowerment of patients in individual care and effective interventions to promote the mental health of the patients. Psychological aspects of diabetes in empowerment of patients and the medical considerations could be significantly effective in consultation and psychotherapy and excess blood sugar in patients with diabetes could be decreased considerably through controlling and managing the stress and anger

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