A model for ordering in restaurant based on QR Code without presence of a waiter at the table

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Safari Mohammad and Andalib Azam


Communication field has changed rapidly and an appropriate condition has been created to use this capacity in business due to developing technology in field of information technology and availability of tools to work with this technology especially the arrival of smartphones to market and its expansion which provides the capability of connecting to internet with desired broadband. In this article, we have tried to design a system to be able to provide more advantages including electronic payment of bills as well as entertainment facilities in the time between ordering and delivering the goods to customers beside previous options by reviewing restaurants that take advantage of the electronic menu using QR code on the customer’s mobile. Moreover, in this new model, there will be the possibility of internet-based remote ordering and also bill payment will be through bank portal before delivering the good to the customer by allocating QR code to the steady customers and entering their information in database such as phone number and exact address.

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