A discrete binary version of the Forest Optimization Algorithm

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Shadi Mahmoudi and Chia Lailypour


In this paper Binary Forest Optimization Algorithm (BFOA) is introduced. Recently introduced FOA has proven its excellent capabilities, such as faster convergence and better global minimum achievement. As the introduced FOA is originally designed to solve continuous optimization problems, in this paper some of FOA components are modified in a way that it can be applied on problems with discrete and binary nature. To prove the BFOA performance and illustrate capability of the proposed binary version, it is applied to solve wide range of optimization problems. The comparative results between BFOA, Binary Genetic Algorithm (BGA), Binary Particle Swarm Optimization (BPSO), Binary Gravitational Search Algorithm (BGSA) and Binary Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm (BCOA) show that Binary Forest Optimization Algorithm (BFOA) has much faster convergence, similar to its continuous version

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