Analysis of challenges and solutions in cloud computing security

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Mahdi AliPour Kondori and Mohammad Hassan Peashdad


Remarkable potential of cloud computing resources to provide a powerful, affordable, flexible and easy to manage on the Internet. Cloud computing hardware resources through efficient use and collaborative capabilities greatly increases. These features encourage organizations and individual users and their applications and services to the cloud transfer. For example, even vital infrastructure and the index of production and distribution have also been transferred to the cloud computing paradigm. However, cloud services and third party service providers to provide services that are associated with security risks. User migration and transfer of assets (data, applications, etc.) are outside the control of administrators in a collaborative environment that multiple users are taken together, exacerbate security concerns. In this study, in detail, of the nature of cloud computing security issues described above. Meanwhile, new solutions have been proposed in the literature to deal with security issues. While security vulnerabilities in mobile cloud computing also briefly examine

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