An analysis on new Cobiax roof

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Seyyed Ali Mousavi Gavgani and Babak Alinejad


Studies in the field of lightweight construction and inefficient concrete removal were founded since 1985 at universities in Germany and voided biaxial slab roof technology companies in 1997 by collaboration of the experts and engineers from Switzerland and other Europe Union countries. Construction in many countries including Iran has involved in major issues hindering their efficiency. Due to the earthquake in Iran and the excessive extent of construction within the zone of active faults, this issue is of great importance. Further, reinforced concrete roofs due to the need to control of formations and cracks have been highly drawn into attention and sometimes restricted to minor openings. Now, if it can improve section of reinforced concrete roofs especially slabs in a way to provide the monitoring regulations and provide them with less weight than the same slabs, it can achieve new procedures in performing reinforced concrete slabs. voided biaxial slab roof technology refers to a method which causes reduction in the non-structural dead load and rise of lightweight construction by removal of inefficient concrete in the roof. Further, voided biaxial slab roof system has been a suitable thermal and acoustic insulation, followed by increase of speed at procedure, reduction of materials consumption and reduction of costs. Descriptive-analytical method has been used as the research method and the library and documentary method has been used as the data collection method. The present research intends to introduce voided biaxial slab roof system and examine structural, architectural and economic features in voided biaxial slab roof system to let the individuals in the construction industry enjoy it and fulfill their projects with the least time and cost

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