Smart Billing Software

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Dr.N. Baggyalakshmi
M.S. Harrsini
Dr.R. Revathi


The set of solutions offered by the Business Operation Support System revolves around Smart Billing Software. Because billing is the nerve centre of the company, it oversees all the important data, including product catalogues, customers, rates, taxes, financial accounting, invoices, payments, debit and credit notes, dual ledgers, support for multiple currencies, and more. You can manage any business operation involving metered charges, recurring charges, event-based charges, and ad-hoc charges with the help of Smart Billing Software's engine, which offers unparalleled flexibility in setting up any kind of product, product packages, user-defined rating structures, tax rules, and more. With Smart Billing Software, any service model and offering can be easily integrated into a single platform. It is compatible with both pre-paid and post-paid payment systems. Due to its open API foundation, Smart Billing Software is highly compatible with other BOSS products, allowing for the construction of comprehensive solutions. Smart Billing is a pre-integrated component of Xsinfosol Solutions and is one of the BOSS solutions offered by Xsinfosol.

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