Investigating German Language Education through Game (Computer and non-Computer) and its Correspondence with Educational Conditions in Iran

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Aidin Mokhtarinejad,Oldouz Mokhtarinejad,Hoda Babaei Kafaki and Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Seyyed Ebrahimi


German language is one of the world’s most difficult languages and its learning and teaching processes have followed various ways so far. A variety of methods and techniques are designed with specific and constructive purposes and have been applied despite advantages and disadvantages. In this study, it has been attempted to investigate German language through game and to open a new perspective after counting a variety of features. After having a general look at the game and its definition, we described the game in the foreign language class and related teaching materials to the game. Since nowadays foreign language teaching in many parts of the world is exclusively implemented through game (computer and non-computer), familiarity with these methods to use them in classroom can have very important and determining role. Computer and internet, as the main and most important tools in the contemporary era, have determining role in presenting modern teaching methods regarding foreign language teaching. Therefore, in this study, we have described how to use these modern tools in foreign language class

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