Using of the Vernier frequencies method to resolve problem of the ambiguity in range of the pulsed radars

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Reza Fatemi Mofradi and Morteza Shahidi Nasab


With the development of using of Doppler-pulse radars in the military and non-military industries, it is very important to increase accuracy and to eliminate annoying components in the process of data acquisition. Although various and useful methods have been provided by the forthcoming literatures in the world, a few studies have referred to increase accuracy in the decline and elimination of the nonconformity error between the range gate and the target-returned signal in the radar. By providing a modern and strong method, we are seeking to decline and eliminate this error. In the Vernier frequencies method, we will use three methods of using Vernier including the course size Vernier method, the average size Vernier method and the fine size Vernier method. With these three methods, we can suitably identify the amount of mentioned error and with the tracking gates, we can eliminate this error. In this paper, at first we will engage to introduce the Particle Filter method which eliminates the available ambiguities in the pulsed radars using of estimators and then in the following, we will analyze and investigate the Vernier frequencies method

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