Investigation of the Relationship between Knowledge Sharing Culture and Job Satisfaction with Mediating Role of General Competencies among Employees of Sepah Bank Branches in Shiraz

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Esmaeil Raisi and Moein Forutan


The present study has been conducted with the purpose of investigating the relationship between knowledge sharing culture and job satisfaction with mediating role of general competencies among employees of Sepah Bank Branches in Shiraz, Iran and is among descriptive-survey researches in kind of correlation. Statistical population in this study consists of all employees of 53 branches of Sepah Bank in Shiraz (n=392) and sample size consists of 159 people is selected using Cochran formula. In order to select sample members, cluster random sampling is used. For purpose of data collection, this study has used researcher-made knowledge sharing scale and general competencies questionnaire and the validity of the instrument is confirmed by professors and scholars and the reliability of the questionnaire is confirmed using Cronbach alpha. In order to measure job satisfaction of employees, Job Description Index (JDI) made by Visoky and Crome (2009). Collected data were analyzed using Pearson correlation test, one-sample t-test and two-way ANOVA. The results obtained from this study showed that there is significant correlation between knowledge sharing and job satisfaction of employees of Sepah Bank Branches in Shiraz with the mediating role of general competencies and the general competencies, job satisfaction and knowledge sharing culture are in favorable situation among employees. Moreover, obtained results showed that there is no significant between job satisfaction level of employees based on gender and work experience

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