A Project Report on Employee Satisfaction in Private Hospitals in Hyderabad-India

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Somayeh Salahshouri Ardestani


As the title of the project suggests the main aim of the project lies in the studying the EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION and during this process to understand the psychology-employee behavior and various reactions of the employees and several attributes influencing satisfaction employees in the hospitals. The project gives an introduction to the concept of employee satisfaction its concepts, definitions and various factors of employee satisfaction. Nearly eight out of every ten employees are satisfied with their jobs and say benefits, compensation, and work/life balance are the most important factors to their overall job satisfaction, according to the Society for Human Resource Managements (SHRM) Job Satisfaction Survey released recently. Hospital are generally large institutions, where patients are admitted for providing medical care so that they gain health quickly and resume their normal life. Generally hospitals comprise of many divisions and large number of staff members work there. Each division of the hospital has to function in coordination with other divisions so that patients are given quality care services, without putting any burden on them. Staff members of the hospital have to work in coherence with each other so that patient receives timely medical treatments, without any delay or deviations. Coordinating with other divisions and people, in large organizations, is not an easy task

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