The Effect of Just-In-Time Delivery of Products and Services Quality on Customers Satisfaction in Asia Insurance

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Talin Avaki Davidians and Parvaneh Gelard


The aim of this research has been to study the effect of services quality on customers satisfaction in Asia insurance in order to present solutions for increase of customers satisfaction. The current methodology in terms of the aim is applicable and in terms of data collection, it is casual. The research population has included all customers of Asia insurance branches located in Tehran city that for assessment of existing situation, a 30-question questionnaire was used that after confirmation of the validity and reliability, it has been used for hypotheses analysis. With regard to the data analysis, the results have expressed that the services quality (physical dimensions and appearances, services guaranty, accountability, sympathy and just-in-time delivery of services) influences on customers satisfaction of Asia insurance company and also, the reliability doesn’t influence on customers satisfaction of Asia insurance company

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