Development of umbrella activities in agile methodologies

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Hooman Kashanian,Mohammad Hassan Peashdad and Mahdi AliPour Kondori


Agile software development is a group of software development methods based on repetition in gradual form, in which solutions are applied through self-organization and cooperation among various teams. This comparative planning technique improves the development and evolutional reformation as well as repetitive packaging time. It also enforces quick and flexible changing responses. In fact, quickening is a conceptual framework that improves the prediction of interactions along development recycle. There are several characteristics for these methods that mainly improve development, team work, cooperation, and harmony of process in project life recycle. Agile methods break assignments into short steps with the minimum amount of planning which do not directly deal with long-term planning. Repetitions are short-term frames that usually last one to four weeks. Each repetition bears a reactive practical team in all missions: demands analysis, design, coding, test unit, and passing the test. Finally, a work product is represented to the benefit takers in the end of each repetition. It allows the project adapt with the changes quickly. In an agile project the team is typically a reactive and self-organized application. Team members are often in charge of responsibilities. They separately decide how to deal with the demands of a repetition. Software creation methodologies are frameworks for applying software engineering activities with the aim of creating software systems and include software creating processes and modelling languages. The position of umbrella activities in software creation methodologies includes three periods: first generation methodologies, which concentrated on creation activities but did not cover umbrella ones, and second and third generations of methodologies that fully covered creation activities and took the benefit of project management standard frameworks to perform umbrella activities, and also agile methodologies, which are focused on umbrella activities with proposing a novel framework for software creation.

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