Investigating of the effects of using conceptual plans in improving science lesson learning for male students of sixth grade in primary schools of Ferdows Town

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Somaiyyeh Khabiri Ferdowsi and Ali Moradi


This semi official study has been done with aim of using the effect amount of conceptual plan in learning science lesson for male students in sixth grade. 30 students were grouped with sampling way available in two groups as witness and experiment. After performing pre-test , both groups were taught based on usual way and conceptual plan way for 8 sessions and during 2 months respectively, then post-test was done. The score tests by means of spss software and t-test with independent samples analyized statistically. The results showed that there's a meaningful difference between pre-test scores to five percent error wasn't observed . But after conducting a variable independent meaningful difference between post-test and pre-test and post test difference was observed, and t-measured amounts were more than critical amounts. The findings of this research showd education based on conceptual plan has a positive offect in comparison to the usual way on academic progress in science lesson.

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