How could I create the enthusiasm and willingness to pray in the students?

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Roya Alihosseini


Prayer is the key to happiness, and leads to worldly and spiritual happiness of humans. The man who prays, the heavenly blessings will be revealed upon him/her. The man deserves to be always thinking about prayer and strengthening his/her interest in it. This research is on the field of attracting students to pray especially at school. The main objective of this research is to achieve a situation in where students are aware of the importance of prayer and will be willingly present in the school prayer room. This research is a qualitative research. Its methodology is action research, so the objectgive of the research was shared with school authorities and teachers. A critical group was formed and then the issue of prayer was discussed with the students. The method to collect data was a survey method and the tool to collect data was interview and observation. Action research is one of the research methods that solve some specific problems and the results are only predictive interoperability. This article is has a democratic credential

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