The Effect of Ethical Behavior Strategy on Job Voice, Work Ethics as an Interactive Variable: An Applied Study in the Basra South Oil Company

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Liqaa Mutter Atti


Ethical behavior and work ethics are among the topics that have received great attention in recent years because of their clear impact on business organizations, as these organizations have begun to work in a continuous movement to issue regulations and ethical codes to form and formulate their goals and principles in a way that frames the ethical responsibility of the organization as well as the extent of their impact on voice performance. career of these organizations

After the financial and profit aspect was the goal of business organizations, today they focus on ethical aspects. Rather, organizations seek to outperform competitors by using ethical standards and principles as a criterion for competition. They also determined their impact on the performance of the job voice of employees and the extent to which these standards are reflected in their individual and collective decisions and principles.

Therefore, the importance of the study aims to diagnose the extent of the impact of ethical behavior on job performance through work ethics in the South Oil Company / Basra.

The study is an applied study in the South Oil Company / Basra. The descriptive analytical statistical approach was adopted, and a questionnaire was prepared and distributed with the aim of testing the study hypotheses. Several questionnaires were distributed to the sample, and a strong direct relationship was found between the variables of the study.

One of the most important conclusions reached by the study is that ethical behavior greatly affects job performance, organizational atmosphere, improving relations between employees and senior management, and enhancing trust through adopting work ethics and effective behaviors.

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