Assessing security challenges in online social networks

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Marjan Amiri and Abbas Akkasi


The cyberspace of online social networking is one of the most important tools to manifest the effects of globalization. This cyberspace creates a wide field for information and different semantic emergence. Users spend most of their time on social networks, and what is discussed in few past years is the security of users and preserving their privacy in these social networks. Increasing the use of social networks and sites, users are faced with various problems that security issues in cyberspace as well as users' privacy preservation in social networks are as the most important ones. In relation to privacy and security in social networks, numerous articles have been written, each of them has assessed the issues. This article examines several papers which have addressed security challenges in these networks, and solutions to enhance the security of networks, and it examines each of these articles, and discusses their positive and negative points, and finally, a conclusion based on these papers is presented

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