A mechanism to improve the throughput of cloud computing environments using congestion control

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Mohammad Farajizadeh and Naser NematBakhsh


Cloud computing as a new model for the delivery of applications, platforms or computing resources, including processing, memory, bandwidth, etc. to customers in return for the used payment method emerged. Therefore it has become important to share cloud resources, so as to provide them economically. In cloud computing services, multiple types of resources, such as processing ability, bandwidth and storage, need to be allocated simultaneously. If there is a surge of requests, a competition will arise between these requests for the use of cloud resources. This leads to the disruption of the service and it is necessary to consider a measure to avoid or relieve congestion of cloud computing environments. The basic issue here is to provide a new congestion control method for cloud computing environments which reduces the size of required resource for congested resource types instead of restricting all service requests as in Conventional methods. In this research, congestion control implemented in allocation level of available resources in the datacenters to virtual machines And we evaluated its impact on the cloudlets response time and throughput of cloud computing environments by comobining it with a new cloudlets allocation strategy. In order to simulate the proposed mechanism named CCMICC, CloudSim3.0.3 software has been used. It is demonstrated by simulation evaluations that CCMICC can allocate more resources to virtual machines compared with the conventional methods and relieve the congestion. the proposed method can improve the throughput of cloud computing environments as well as service quality

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