Designing Reverse Converter for the New Three-Moduli Set {2^(2n+1),2^n-1,2^n+1}

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Romina Shahbazi Youzband and Mir kamal Mirnia


Residue to binary Converter is the most complex steps of residue number system and it is also one of the factors that reduces the performance. In this paper efficient residue to binary converter is proposed for the new moduli set {2^(2n+1),2^n-1,2^n+1}. The proposed converter is designed by using the Chinese Remainder Theorem new-1 which includes a carry propagate adder (CPA) with end-around carry (EAC) and four carry save adder (CSA) with end-around carry (EAC).The proposed converter for moduli set {2^(2n+1),2^n-1,2^n+1} with 4n-bit dynamic range has better delay and hardware cost in comparison to the moduli set (Noorimehr et al, 2001) with the same dynamic range

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