To present the new structure to better manage and control requests in the national information network based SDN architecture

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Mohsen Poursheikhi and Javad Akbari Torkestanib


National Information Network is a network of communication infrastructure and data centers which ordinary users and government officials can have access to the data network anywhere in the country and the main purpose of creating these types of networks is reducing internet dependence on abroad. The key concerns of this type of network is how to control and manage requests e as much as possible so that they can respond to requests in the country and their request structure should also be complied with international structure that can simultaneously support the requests within the network and global that in this paper, we have provided a new structure for better management and control in these networks provide that can simultaneously support internal and external requests and it uses one IP to access internal data and the Internet and defined controllers in this structure can also communicate with the Internet in a way that their structure is similar together, because in the central controller, new structure converts internal requests to the Internet structure and vice versa that with the possibility of conversion requests, other previous concerns will be resolved

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