Changes to Communication Infrastructure Caused by Blockchain Technology

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Haroon Rashid Hammood Al Dallal


Blockchain technology has appeared as an unruly dynamism across many industries, developing outdated schemes by providing a decentralized, transparent, and secure way out. Latterly, scholars and technologists have acknowledged the prospective of blockchain in enhancing communication systems. This paper discovers the part of blockchain technology in revolutionizing communication systems, emphasizing its paybacks, contests, and prospects. By scrutinizing existing works and case studies, it has been observed to ascertain the fundamental areas where blockchain can increase communication, such as data integrity, privacy, authentication, and peer-to-peer messaging. Furthermore, the potential challenges, including scalability, energy consumption, and regulatory concerns have been discussed in this paper. The conclusions of this research aim to shed light on the transformative strength of blockchain technology in improving communication systems and stimulate additional investigation in this thrilling field.

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