Online Shopping System

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Dr.N. Baggyalakshmi
M. Janani Shree Priya
Dr.R. Revathi


The main objective of this system is to make global shopping possible, were the customers buy things from anywhere in India. The customer will be displayed with the available products of the company, and the customer will be asked to select the items based on his choice and all information about the product like price, product id model will be given to the customer based on his requirements they make an order of the product. The modules are: Product Master, Customer Module, Purchase Module, Order Module, Billing Module. Daily, special and emergency deliveries are available. At any time during off-hours, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we can provide your record. As days goes offline shopping has reduced and online shopping is increased. This Software will help you know the various products, product description, price range, discounts so that the customers can easily identify which product will suit best for them. The Web model that was used in the implementation of the On-Line Shopping Database Application is very simple each request from the webpage invokes a request, which then communicates with the Objectivity/DB to retrieve the requested data. The resulting data is passed by a request object to. The client-side HTML that displays the result to the user.

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