The Important Role of Cold Atmospheric Plasma in Wounds Healing: A Literature Review

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Riyam Adnan Hammudi
Yamam A. Hammudi
Ekhlas Majeed Hameed


Cold plasma is the fourth state of matter it can be generated using different types of gases like argon or helium or
other gases by applying electrical field to get plasma with a temperature lower than 40 degree so it's considered safe
to be used in human without affecting the normal body cells. Recently cold plasma came to be known as one of the
most important technologies in medicine and pharmaceutical sciences. In this study we will be focusing on discussing
wounds, wounds healing, different methods that help in wound care and the important role of cold plasma in
accelerating the wound healing process by reviewing all the recent studies in this subject to offer a full understanding,
this study showed the cold plasma has the ability to improve and accelerate wounds healing through specific
mechanisms which help in cell migration and proliferation in addition to increase the vascularization at the wound
side and help in gathering the fibroblasts and keratinocytes and the production of reactive nitrogen and oxygen species
(RNS, ROS) and this encourages the future researches and in-vevo studies to prove its efficiency in other medical
fields and make use of its many effects like antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-tumor and also its many application in dental
field like endodontic treatment, antibacterial in dental caries and implants.

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