Super Market Billing Management System

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Dr.N. Baggyalakshmi
J. Harshada
Dr.R. Revathi


Staff or admin might benefit from this software when it comes to billing products and managing product details. Only administrators and personnel have access to this application. It is inaccessible to members directly. In order to learn more about the Supermarket Billing System, this project is highly recommended. Various records pertaining to Products, Employees, Sales, etc. are kept by this programme. New product or employee details can be entered, and existing product or employee details can be retrieved, from the System. Customers' bills can be generated by us. We may also keep track of client information and the GST computation for each product in this project. The government has the authority to impose GST on all products based on the categories they have specified. This project can also keep total sales at a constant level. During this internship, I have learned what I need to know about the Supermarket Billing System.

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