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Dr.N. Baggyalakshmi
A.G. Harrini
Dr.R. Revathi


There are a lot of problems with the current system because everything is done manually. The present system's biggest flaw is the enormous physical volume of data, which makes searching for and retrieving specific pieces of information a pain. Papers containing information are susceptible to harm. It takes a long time to find out whether documents arrived or not when you have to handle everything by hand. At the time of product application, it will be rejected if any document is missing. It is really time-consuming to reapply for the product process. All these issues with the current method led them to believe that a computerised system would be better. All of these issues will be resolved by the automated system. There is a good probability that more people's time will be wasted in this communication scenario. It is quick, adaptable, and easy to use. Analysing a system is looking closely at all the different things it does and how they relate to each other and the world around them. Analysing a system involves doing things like drawing lines around it and checking to see if a potential system has to take other systems into account. Decision points and transactions processed by the current system are the subjects of data acquired during analysis. The project's backend was built in SQL Server and frontend was built in Asp.Net. A large number of managers are in charge of each and every one of an organization's operations. Manufacturing, production, marketing, and other facets of organisational management are overseen by these managers. An important problem with management is that, as time went on, they shifted their focus to human capital. Now, every company has a hierarchical structure, and each structure has its own unique purpose and character. Given that their people are their most valuable asset, larger companies in this situation must devote significant resources to human resource management. Organisational data evolved over time away from its core functions in this way. To sum up, a resource organiser is a piece of software that helps with the management and coordination of different resources. Assets can be either concrete, like machinery and buildings, or intangible, like human capital and time.

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