Examine the relationship between critical thinking and happiness and social adjustment

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Farideh Hashemiannejad
Shabnam Oloomi
Shima oloomi


The objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between critical thinking and happiness, and social adjustment .The method of the study was descriptive-correlation . research measurement included standard questionnaire of critical thinking , happiness and social adjustment . Reliability of Cronbach alpha test was, 81% , 74%, 94% .
Statistic society includes the teachers of Mashhad city who are working in educational system . sample size was 120 and sampling was randomly.Data analysis Pearson correlation test and stepwise Regression was performed using SPSS software. Results showed that there was a significant positive relationship between the critical thinking and happiness, with social adjustment (p <0.01), critical thinking and social adjustment (p<0.01) , happiness and social adjustment(p<0.01), critical thinking and happiness(p<0.01).

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