Investment Pattern of Salaried Class of Somnath (Daman) –A Study of Various Investment Options Available

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Zankhana Atodaria
Ronikadevi Sharma


The aim of this research is to analyze awareness, perception & behavior regarding different investment
avenues available for salaried people and to study various demographic variables and pattern of
investment. Many people are not aware about how to make an investment in share market and people are
not willing to take risk for their funds, so they prefer to invest in bank deposits, insurance, post office
savings etc. The data was collected through structured questionnaire distributed to 100 people of Somnath
(Daman) Area. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and chi-square technique was applied to
demographic factors and motives of savings. For analysis purpose SPSS software is used. The results
show that bank deposit and insurance policies still remains the most preferred investment avenues.
Salaried people’s age and their motives of savings are dependent on each other.

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