Bibliotherapy and the Reduction of Internet Gaming Disorder Symptoms

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Bharat Chandra


This paper investigates how bibliotherapy can influence Internet Gaming Disorder symptoms, based on
criteria established from the DSM-5. To address this research question, an experimental design type was
used. The participants in the study came from Calabasas High School, and it included students who
exhibited high levels of Internet Gaming Disorder symptoms. These students went through a series of
reading sessions similar to bibliotherapy and the Internet Gaming Disorder symptom change was
recorded. Of the nine current symptoms, seven were analyzed in the study, and it was found that in the
majority of cases, reading sessions resulted in reduced Internet Gaming Disorder symptoms. Future
studies should be conducted over a greater time period, with a check up on participants after the study in
the future. This should be done, so that all nine symptoms of Internet Gaming Disorder can be analyzed
and relapse can be measured for participants in the study.

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