The Harms of Effective Training Process by Three Ramifications Model (Case Study: The Employees in Ilam Gas Treating Company

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Noushin Olfatiyan
Karam Khalili


Better and more effectiveness is one of the important objectives of employee training. Thus, studying the
results and efficiency of employees requires the training process to continue the training loop. The present
study aimed at investigating the harms of effective training process by Three Ramifications model among
the employees in Ilam Gas Treating Company. The method was mixed (qualitative-quantitative methods).
The opinions of experts were used to elicit the conceptual model. Snowball method was used for
determining the sample size in the qualitative method. 11 experts were identified and interviewed with
while in the quantitative part, 154 subjects were selected by using Cronbach’s formula. A questionnaire
that was developed based on the conceptualization of qualitative part was used for data collection. The
identified factors were developed in the quantitative part by using the confirmatory factor analysis.
Finally, the research questions were answered by appropriate statistical tests. The research findings
showed that the harms of the education system can be introduced in form of three categories and seven
concepts including the process-structural factors (including the concepts of technique and technology,
organizational structure, and organizational strategy), content factors (including the concepts of human
resources and organizational culture), and environmental factors (including the concepts of outsourcing
and policy-making).

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