Basic Pattern of Decision - Making of Sustainable Development in Education Policy (of the Ministry of Education)

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Habibullah Zaman nejad
Karamullah Danesh fard


Education is the key to conquer the future and from long ago it was expected from the Ministry of
Education to train tomorrow humans and to prepare today race for life in tomorrow society. Education
plays a vital role in the production of human capital and by providing skill to different people affects in
the production of productive workforce and as a consequence in economic growth. Also education by
teaching people creates political and social movement in them. In this study we analyze basic pattern of
decision - making of sustainable development in education policy (of the Ministry of Education). The
present study is a descriptive-analytical study which by using a standard questionnaire to assess the
validity of the designed questionnaire, a qualitative interview was used from a few educational and
planning management professors and a Cronbach alpha test was used to assess reliability. All statistical
experts in this study were selected by all experts and senior managers of higher education at the academic
and educational level Which consists of about 70 people in total, ten of them as a qualitative sample for
deep interviewing and 60 of them are selected as a small sample and analyzed using the software, which
ultimately All three research questions of study with variables and component Spss - Smart PLS was

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