Paper Issue of Chastity, the Hijab and Personal Growth

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Soghra Moleai
Roqiyah Sadeghi Niri


the hijab in Islam, it is the duty of a woman has been placed in the collision with strangers should wear a
special quality by women in the shadow of the " chastity observed that she could easily in society. What
more hijab in strengthening the spirit of inward and intrinsic virtue, more impact, a veiled woman
relationship of personality and separation of them seriously. Because the appearance and without anyone
stemmed from a state of mind and internal and represents the real character. This paper aims to is that the
views of Islam from the theoretical and practical review writer. In this paper after the definition
of modesty and virtue, and the importance of the character of chastity and the hijab and its relationship
with the hijab, philosophy, chastity value in the Quran, sentences around Afaf and the hijab, crystallizing
female character, and social responsibilities, health and moral society, the hijab and character, women,
and Barakat Afaf from other parts of the paper. at the end of the article, the author during a
discussion of the veil in society and pathology of society without Afaf and ways of expanding Afaf hijab
in society and discuss the deal with it.
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