International Academic Journal of Social Sciences

  • ISSN: 2454-3918


    • Accounting, management, marketing, entrepreneurship
    • Business ethics, business law, law and economics
    • Operations research, statistics, econometrics, experimental economics
    • Business and economics education
    • Microeconomics: theory and applications
    • Government regulation, industrial organization, game theory
    • Urban, rural, regional economics and development economics
    • Behavioral and health economics
    • Environmental business / economics
    • Labor economics / human resources
    • International economics
    • Macroeconomics, growth, government finance, monetary economics finance, investments
    • Other – any business or economics discipline
    • Geography
    • Political Sciences
    • English Language Studies
    • Literature Studies
    • Social Sciences and Humanities Studies
    • Micro-financing
    • Education and literacy, poverty alleviation strategies
    • Diversity, multiculturalism, cross-cultural management
    • Corporate social responsibility
    • Global/local environmental issues
    • Funding social entrepreneur ventures
    • Women/minority entrepreneurs, immigrant entrepreneurship
    • Social policy and economic issues
    • Health, medical, bioethics issues
    • Human rights and social service issues
    • Economics and sustainability, entrepreneurship and sustainable development
    • Role of NGOs and economic development
    • Entrepreneurial opportunities for the disabled and the poor
    • Technology/social innovation, technology-based social enterprises
    • Social challenges and technology innovations
    • Public contract law, procurement and business regulations
    • Constitutional/e-government/local government/administrative law
    • Court decisions, jurisdiction
    • International legal theory, international treaties
    • Criminal law, incl. foreign/security policy, defence policy
    • Human rights, civil liberties, labour law and social policy
    • Media law incl. public sector information
    • Taxation/trade/law, international economics, money regulation
    • Public law fundamentals (legislative procedures/judicial protection)
    • etc.

  • ISSN: 2454-3918


    Prof. Wangshi Jamir (PhD), Nagaland University, India


    Prof. Murat Senturk (PhD), Istanbul University, Turkey

    Dr. Adrian Gheorghe, Academic Researcher, Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University, KFU. ORCID Http:// email:, RUSSIA

    Prof. Bhawana Sharma (PhD), Department of Political Sciences, BBD Govt P.G. College, India

    Dr. Yuriy. P. Bytiak, Doctor of Law, Full Professor of the Department of Administrative Law, Vice-Rector, Yaroslav, Mudryi National Law University, Member of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine, Kharkiv, Email:, Ukraine

    Prof. Satya Yadav (PhD), Department of Economics, BSR Govt Arts College, India

    Prof. Abdul Mansur Manish (PhD), Department of Arts, King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia

    Prof. Mira Desay (PhD), Department of Education, Women’s College, Mumbai, India

    Dr. Marina G. Khaustova, PhD, Associate Professor of the Theory of State and Law Department, Yaroslav Mudry National Law University, Kharkiv,  E-mail:, Ukrain

    Prof. Beehoon Tan, (PhD), Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

    Prof. S.S. Kalamkar (PhD), Department of Rural Development, Sardar Patel University, India

  • Scientific Journal IMPACT FACTOR: 4.197

    ISSN: 2454-3918

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