International Academic Journal of Economics

  • ISSN 2454-2474

Optimal model of cultivation and water demand with environmental considerations in agricultural sector of Yasoouj plain

Saeed Mollazade

Abstract: The aim of this study was to integrate environmental goals including reducing water use, chemical fertilizer and chemical fertilizer with the objectives of the exploiters, including increasing the gross margin (revenue) and yield, or the gross return variance. The data used, such as the pattern of production and use of inputs and price of them, were obtained from the randomly selected beneficiaries. Since multiple objectives were evaluated simultaneously, multi-objective planning approach was used. The study found that there is an exchange between the ecological objectives which can be considered as the policy-makers’ objectives and beneficiaries’ objectives and it is necessary to choose a combination of these policies with planning.

Keywords: multi-objective planning, beneficiaries, risk, ecological

Page: 32-40

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2017