International Academic Journal of Psychology and Educational Studies

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The Effectiveness of Sex therapy on Sexual Self-Efficacy and Marital Satisfaction of Diabetic Women

Azita Hajinia and Javad Khalatbari

Abstract: Diabetics face a lot of challenges in the different aspects of their lives (physical, psychological and social). One of the disorders which shows a correlation with the poor quality of life and marital dissatisfaction among the diabetics is the sexual dysfunction. Since sexual matters are important parameter of a delightful, peaceful and consistent life, the present study aims to determine the effectiveness of sex therapy on the sexual self-efficacy and marital satisfaction of diabetic females in Babol, Iran. This study is an experimental research in which after running the questionnaire of sexual self-efficacy scale for females (SSES-F), designed by Bailes et al, (1989), and Enrich's questionnaire of marital satisfaction on married women who were members of society of diabetes of Babol, town, 30 of them were selected as sample group and were randomly put into two groups of test and control. The groups were under education in eight 90 minutes sections. After running the post-test, data was analysed using SPSS. Then Multivariate Covariance Analysis (MANCOVA) was used to evaluate the research hypothesis. The results and findings showed that the interference of sex therapy used in this research improves self-efficacy and marital satisfaction in diabetic females of Babol

Keywords: Sex therapy, sexual self-efficacy, marital satisfaction, diabetes

Page: 1-10

Volume 2, Issue 2, 2015