International Academic Journal of Psychology and Educational Studies

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Investigating the Effective Economic and Social _Cultural Factors on the Social Mirth Ratio of 25_45 Years Old Students in Technical, Social Sciences, art Courses at Tehran Azad Islamic University

Maryam Faramarzi,Dr. Seyyed Mohammed Seyyed Mirzaii and Dr. Mansoor Vosoughi

Abstract: This study aims to investigate the effective economic _ cultural factors on social mirth of 25_45 years old students at Tehran Azad Islamic university. Statistical universe in this study was 25_45 years old students at Tehran north Azad Islamic university in the academic year ,95, who were in M. An and PhD in technical and social sciences and they were 993 ones. And since there was not any art course at north branch Then south one of Tehran Azad Islamic university was selected and they were 640 students in M. An and PhD. And totally they were 1633 students, between them 310 ones were selected based on Kokran formula and by randomized sampling. Research tools of the main variables are standard Oxford, Schneider and researcher questionnaires. After collecting the data, research theories are tested by Pierson coefficient. The results showed that there is a meaningful and positive relationship between religious beliefs, life expectancy (sexuality, age, marriage), family (house kind), in the social condition (income and expenses) and mirth ratio. But there is no meaningful relationship between their occupation and house in the social condition and education at family and social mirth

Keywords: Social Mirth, Believes, Leisure Time, Family Condition, Social Condition

Page: 24-37

Volume 2, Issue 2, 2015